Tournament Recap - Lake Okeechobee

The first tournament of the year was actually two this year. Before the Tour tournament started I got to help Mike Surman out and fish the Channing Crowder tournament which helped the Boys and Girls Club. It was a great time getting to fish in Florida and get away from cabin fever in the arctic like temps in Alabama.

Then I headed to the Big O. First day of practice was a little tough getting some quality bites but they were random. Second day of practice found a few backwater areas that had a lot of fish with a big bites so I then looked for bigger bites flipping. The next day and a half all I did was flip a Strike King Menace with a 1.5 ounce weight on a GLoomis 895 GLX flipping rod with 65 lb Power Pro. Didn't get a lot of bites but found 2 stretches that seemed to have bigger bites.

Each day of the tournament I went to the casting few to get a quick 10 lb limit, hoping for a good bite. Well unlike practice, they started missing the bait, just boiling it as I watched five 3lb'ers a day just not get the bait, but that's fishing.

The flippin' bite didn't work like I thought it was going to. I only had 3 good bites on day one, boating one and losing the other 2 in heavy reeds.

Finished in 131st place, not the finish I was thinking I was gonna have after practice but on to Hartwell!!! And look what I came home too!!












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