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Alex Davis flipped, pitched and cast a 6-inch junebug stickworm rigged with a variety of weights and teamed with 80-pound-test PowerPro MaxCuatro spooled on Shimano Metanium with 8.5:1 gear ratio. Depending on the density of the cover, Davis varied between a 7-6 Shimano Expride flipping stick and an even heaver stick, the 7-6 G. Loomis E6X 904C.

Alexs day 3 pattern | Lake Okeechobee

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Alex Davis clung tight to his second-place spot with a 9-pound, 2-ounce catch on day three.

Like others, Davis saw his hot spot cool down substantially today, sending him scrambling to cobble together a limit just to stay in the hunt going into day four.

“I think I might have burned them all up,” Davis says of the bass on the magical place that produced back-to-back 20-pound-plus limits for him on days one and two. “I mean, that area was no bigger than these two weigh-in tents, and I caught 40 bass out of it. The place is not that far off the main lake. It’s actually the first clear water off the main lake. So maybe a new group will pull in there overnight. I’ve at least got to check it again tomorrow.”

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Alex's Day Two Pattern | Lake Okeechobee

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Alex Davis bettered his position on the Big O on day two by nearly duplicating his day one weight of 21 pounds with 20 pounds, 15 ounces today.

Davis has discovered a small clear-water area in the lake’s south end that is just several hundred yards from the main lake. Fish are funneling into the tiny area to spawn, and Davis is picking them off as they come in and set up on beds.

“This little place is no bigger than a couple of boats put together,” Davis says. “It’s protected from the wind by land, and the beds are so thick it looks like bream bedding.”

The only problem for Davis is that the beds are mottled together back behind some of the thickest stuff Okeechobee has to offer.

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